The New Website is Here!

Just in time for the fall heating season, Summit Mechanical’s new website is up and running! While there are still a few minor tweaks and adjustments to make, the site is functional and looking great. Now you should be able to find information on anything you need both Summit and also heating and cooling related. If you have any questions or any suggestions on something you’d like to see added to the website, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Otherwise enjoy the new sleek site. Happy browsing!


It’s Friday the 13th! And Fall is coming!

Happy Friday the 13th! It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on our blog and it’s a shame too because there is much going on at Summit Mechanical right now!

The first piece of news is related to our website, which, if you’ve seen it lately, is looking a little outdated. Summit Mechanical has been working over the past few months to find a new look for our website and the right person to create it. We’ve partnered with Jeffrey Ruprecht to help us on this exciting but difficult task. We are now most of the way through to our new design, and I gotta say, it looks GOOD! As we speak the content is being filled, and this new site is going to have everything our customers will need for help in anything Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, or Geothermal related (as well as Summit related, of course!)

Also, as you may have noticed, Fall is nearly here! Summit Mechanical has completed its Summer AC campaign and are happy to announce we found some great success, and now we plan to continue on that success with our FALL CAMPAIGN! The gist of the benefits and offers remains, happily, the same. However, we have added a little bit. We are now offering the same great tune up services to businesses! It’s just $99 for a clean and tune up inspection on the main heating unit for any business, and $79 for additionals. The only exception to this offer is rooftop units, which are handled differently.

FALL Campaign Mailer


Customer Testimonial 5/22/13

Here’s a really nice, new testimonial


I hope you guys are doing well this year. I have a couple of items I’d like to share. First, I think a number of things were done right with the house including the geothermal unit. With the house facing south, utilizing passive solar, the building envelope being tight, the insulation being done well, and the geothermal unit, my highest electric bill for heating from January, February, or March was $48 a month. I watched the thermostat to see what stage the geothermal unit was running at on those -21 degree mornings and the unit never came off stage I. I was and am impressed. Especially considering I am heating 3776 square feet. I like the system.

I did want to make you aware of one item. I have had three times now when the HRV unit wouldn’t shut off because of a “sticky” timer in the master bathroom. I’m hoping I can get it replaced under warranty but wanted to touch base with you.

Like I said, the house being heated with geothermal is the way to go. I believe you guys got the calculations right. I’m going to wait to see the final numbers at the end of the year but the coldest months are a memory and the unit worked very well. Kudos.

Chad F

5/6/13 – It’s Springtime!

Spring is finally here! It’s nice and warm out, which means it’s time to get an A/C tune-up and inspection! Now you can get the entire A/C system done for a flat $99! Tell your friends and neighbors!

And don’t forget, you don’t have to just do your A/C now and wait until fall for the heating systems. Each additional tune-up done on the same visit is only another $49! Why wait? Get your whole HVAC system done in one shot for nearly half the cost!