Our time at the 47th Annual Home & Builder’s Show

Wow, it was a crazy week last week, without question! There was (and still is) so much to be done. Many of Summit’s employees gathered to help set up what was an AWESOME looking booth. Then, we all gathered and worked together to keep the booth manned and to help out as many people as we could (and there were many). For some of us, it was a brand new experience, and we will remember it fondly. Some of us even got to take our kids around the show, and one kid even got to help out at the booth. We met quite a lot of new people, and interest in geothermal continues.

Streetcorner Symphony, an a capella group from NBC’s “The Singoff”, made several appearances and did a great job (especially on the Beatles covers!) There was a large (LARGE) parakeet cage/house people could walk into and feed the parakeet chicks. There was an Air Force One tour (though it seemed as though Air Force One crash landed – only the front half was there). And candy and prizes were to be had everywhere!

We’re already looking forward to the show next years. Cheers to everyone who came, and to all who stopped by and visited our booth.13497_10152729146675131_1805157609_n






480182_10152708703690131_2096281652_n Thank you so much!


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